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Online Time Sync

The new Telstar Online Time Sync collection offers synchronisation to the Atomic Clock, and each watch in the collection features the ability to improve its accuracy over time through self-calibration.
These innovative timepieces utilise a photovoltaic cell embedded in the face of the watch to communicate with a PC or Smartphone App.
In order to sync the time, the user just holds the watch up to his PC or smartphone screen, and initiates calibration mode on both the watch and the PC app. The photovoltaic cell "reads" a signal which is sent by the PC via a series of flashing lights, and sets the time and date to be in sync with that of the PC (which is in turn synchronised over the internet to the atomic clock).
Each time the watch is synchronized, a microchip measures the degree to which the watch has deviated from atomic time during the period since the last sync.  It then calibrates the movement to allow for environmental factors such as temperature which impact the normal timekeeping accuracy of a quartz watch.
This self-calibration literally slows down or speeds up the watch as needed to adjust for the temperatures experienced during normal wear – with the result that the watch becomes more and more accurate each time it is synchronised.
See it in action :

In order to synchronise your Online Time Sync watch with a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8, download the app here.
Right-click the Zipped folder and unzip all files to a location on your hard drive. For ease of access to the app, you can then right-click the executable file "Time Calibrator V5.0.exe" and select "Send To Desktop (Create Shortcut)". You can then move this shortcut to a location of your choosing. Note that this step is optional.
To run the Time Calibrator app, open Time Calibrator V5.0 either from the unzipped folder or via the desktop shortcut mentioned above. The following screen will appear while the app automatically tries to connect to an Internet time server to ascertain the correct current time:
 Time Calibrator App
If a network connection is active, the app will automatically update to current internet time based on your selected Time Zone (via the app settings – default GMT).
This current time will then display within the app as follows:
 Time Cal App
To calibrate this current time to your watch, put the watch into Calibration Mode as follows:
  • Digital versions (model M7000 xxx):  Press and hold ST/STP and MODE buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.  The watch will beep and the screen will zero out, indicating that it is in Calibration Mode.
  • Analogue versions (model M7003 xxx): Press and hold the button at the 2 o'clock position for 2 seconds, then release when the seconds hand stops ticking. The seconds hand will then rotate around to indicate "RECEIVING" on the inner dial ring.
  • Next, click "Calibrate" on the PC app.
    Hold the watch up to the PC screen, with the watch face directly over the "Calibration Zone" as follows:
     Calibration Zone
    The Calibration Zone on the app will flash a number of times.
  • For Digital version M7000 xxx, the watch will beep to indicate successful calibration. The watch Primary Timezone should now be ticking in perfect time with the app.
  • For Analogue version M7003 xxx, the watch will not beep, however after the app finishes flashing the seconds hand will revert to normal timekeeping.  If calibration has completed successfully, the watch hands will be in perfect sync with the app. If not, simply try the same procedure again (remembering to set the watch to Calibration Mode first).
    For optimal performance, it is suggested that you calibrate your watch 3-4 times a year.


    As an alternative to the PC-based app above, Time Calibrator is available for smartphones running Android v1.6 or higher. To download the Time Calibrator Android app; click here or search "Time Calibrator" on the Google Play Store. Click "Install" to add the app to your device as per the standard procedure for Android apps.

    If you are unable to connect to the Google Play Store, you can instead download the app directly from this link and install it manually on your Android device.

    Once the app is installed, the procedure for syncing your watch is the same as per the PC-based app above.


  • Digital Version M7000 xxx
  • Analogue Version M7003 xxx