The Telstar watch brand was founded in Shannon, Ireland in 1975 - originally selling LED electronic watches on the Irish market.  With technological changes over the years since then, the product range has grown to include quartz watches of all descriptions- children's watches, digitals, ladies & gents' classic and fashion analogue models, and matching watch and jewellery sets.  One thing which has not changed is our focus on quality and value, as evidenced by our 5-year guarantee.

Telstar watches are sold online on this website and through an extensive network of jewellers in Ireland. 

Telstar is also available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the brand has built up a strong reputation since the early 1990s.  For information on the product range in these countries, please see and respectively.

The Telstar watch brand is owned by Solatrex International Ltd., trading in Ireland as CALCUL.

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